About Us

Who We Are

Apple + Juice is an online apparel and jewelry store that carries various styles. The name Apple + Juice came from our two dogs named Apple and Juice. Both are crossbreeds of pomeranian and japanese spitz. The main theme of the store is "Animals Are Forever" inspired by our two furry babies. Most of our product designs are inspired by different animals.


What We Aim For

We live in a cruel cruel world where animals are helpless. Apple + Juice aims to help raise animal awareness. A percentage of all the profits go directly to different organizations and individuals who commit their lives in saving and caring for animals especially those who are abused and mistreated.


Even if you decide not to buy from us, we urge you to consider helping out an animal in need. For more information, you may contact us at info@appleandjuice.com


Thank you and welcome to Apple + Juice! 

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